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What to Do If You Knock Out a Tooth

Traumatic injuries during which a tooth is knocked out (or severely damaged) can happen to anyone, particularly as a result of a bad fall, sports collision, or even a serious car accident. For adolescents or adults whose teeth are permanent, this sudden tooth loss can often be considered a dental emergency. Should this be the case, it is important to seek treatment from a skilled and qualified dentist as soon as possible.

At our practice, Drs. Cathy Santone and Megan Dietz offer a number of advanced dental options that can restore your smile after a traumatic injury. For patients who have completely dislodged a tooth (including the root), our providers may be able to replant the tooth in certain instances. In order for this to be a possibility, it is vital that you seek prompt treatment. The dislodged tooth should be handled carefully by the crown, and patients should avoid touching the root as much as possible. If the tooth is dirty, it is okay to gently rinse it, but do not scrub. Ideally, the tooth should be gently reinserted into the socket and held in place with gentle pressure. Alternatively, the tooth can be stored in milk or saliva. The sooner you are able to see a dentist, the higher the likelihood of a successful replantation.

In cases where the tooth and/or its root has sustained substantial damage from being knocked out, it may not be able to be replanted. From there, our providers may recommend dental implants. This innovative restoration technique can be used to permanently replace one or more missing teeth by securely implanting a titanium “root” into the jawbone. Then, a custom dental crown can be placed on top of the implant post for durable, long-lasting, and natural-looking tooth replacement. 

Dr. Santone and Dr. Dietz also offer porcelain crowns, composite bonding, and dental veneers for teeth that have been damaged but not dislodged. These treatments can be an excellent option for providing structural support and concealing chips or cracks on teeth that don’t necessarily need to be replaced. Based on your unique needs, our doctors will help you choose the most appropriate treatment at the time of your appointment. 

Time is generally of the essence when a traumatic injury like sudden tooth loss occurs, so please contact our office immediately if you are experiencing a dental emergency.