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Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist can generate anxiety and fear for many patients, which is why sedation dentistry may be an effective solution to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Dr. Cathy Santone and Dr. Megan Dietz offer a number of sedation techniques that can help you experience a completely relaxed and virtually pain-free procedure.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help Me Alleviate My Fears?

A large number of Americans suffer from some degree of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. In fact, many people are so nervous before dental treatment, they decide not to go to the dentist at all. This can ultimately lead to serious oral health consequences. Sedation dentistry, also referred to as “sleep dentistry,” offers patients a way to significantly alleviate dental anxiety and attain the treatment they need.

Sedation dentistry techniques can be performed for a variety of procedures, including:

We are highly experienced with dental treatments that can used to help you overcome your dental fears and feel as comfortable as possible during your procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

In addition to oral conscious sedation options, our dentists also offer nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide will make you feel very relaxed during dental treatment and allow you to imagine you are somewhere else. Nitrous oxide is safely administered with oxygen by breathing through the nose. The calming and relaxing effects take place quickly and can be easily adjusted throughout the procedure depending on your personal needs. You are continuously monitored throughout the dental procedure to insure your safety and comfort. At the end of your dental procedure, you are given 100% oxygen, which removes the nitrous oxide effects from your body. You can easily return to your normal alert state within 10 minutes. After we confirm the effects are gone, you are able to drive and go about your scheduled day. Patients often report that the dental procedure was very quick and state it was easier than they expected.

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If you experience fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry may be an ideal solution for you. For more information, please contact our practice today and we will be happy to answer your questions.