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Six Month Smiles®

The name says it all: Six Month Smiles®! An exciting and revolutionary new orthodontic technique can effectively straighten your teeth more comfortably and in less time when compared to braces and other methods. Six Month Smiles® is a cosmetic dentistry option that uses a unique system of clear braces and tooth-colored wires to pull the teeth into a more desirable position with less energy and force exerted during treatment. And it can work in as little as four to nine months, with six months being the average for many patients!

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Straightening Your Teeth in a Whole New Way

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment is ideal, especially for children and developing teens… we strive for perfection. Our adult patients deserve realistic orthodontic options to correct their teeth and smile concerns. Although traditional metal braces are a time-tested and effective way to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth, the process of wearing them can be long and uncomfortable, and they can often make people self-conscious every time they smile. The Six Month Smiles® orthodontic technique reduces the time it takes traditional braces to work by half, and is designed to provide better comfort and a less noticeable effect on your smile during treatment.

Benefits of the Six Month Smiles® technique include:

Invisalign® vs. Six Month Smiles®

Invisalign® clear teeth aligners are another innovative way to straighten your teeth, and many patients may wonder about the differences between Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles®. Here is a brief comparison:

Invisalign® Pros:

Six Month Smiles® Pros:

Goals of Six Month Smiles® do not include perfect occlusion, perfect correction of the upper and lower teeth “midline,” perfect positioning of teeth roots, improvement of crossbites, or perfect correction of the overjet/overbite. However, the Six Month Smiles® method can be advantageous over Invisalign® in significantly improving severely crowded teeth that Invisalign® may not be able to correct. Plus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pop in those aligners and possibly extending your treatment time!

How Does Six Month Smiles® Work?

Six Month Smiles® uses advanced technology such as white or tooth-colored nickel titanium wires and other special materials to move the teeth into an improved position with less force. While this may indicate that the treatment process may take longer than traditional methods, just the opposite is true. With Six Month Smiles®, less energy actually translates to quicker teeth movement. The technique also adds no further risk of root damage or other issues that can be caused by orthodontic treatment. Once the braces are placed on the teeth, the treatment process should only take about four to nine months (an average of six months for many patients) before your desired cosmetic and teeth health goals are achieved. A retainer will need to be worn after treatment in order to maintain the teeth’s new, straighter position. Wearing a retainer is (the most) important thing you can do to maintain your new beautiful and healthy smile. The great things about the retainers are that they prevent your teeth from moving and you can use them to whiten your teeth!

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